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Orthodontic Fees and Payment Options

Orthodontic fees are determined by such factors as the patient's individual problems, length of treatment time needed to complete the treatment, and the type of appliances (if any) used in the correction of the problems. For these reasons, it is impossible to give any fee estimates before being seen by Dr. Upton for an initial orthodontic evaluation. Before any treatment is initiated, our financial coordinator will discuss the total cost of the necessary treatment as well as the available payment options to meet your budget.

Since orthodontic care is an excellent investment in your dental, medical, and psychological well-being, our office provides multiple payment options making treatment affordable for almost anyone. Traditional no interest financing plans as well as plans with no down payments are available. American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa are also accepted. Discounts are given for multiple family members undergoing treatment as well as for prepayment of the total fee. Our goal is to develop a financial plan that will meet your needs.


Orthodontic insurance is becoming more prevalent in the Tuscaloosa area as our area experiences economic growth. Orthodontic insurance is typically a rider to your dental policy that covers a portion of the orthodontic fee, usually has a lifetime maximum and may have an age limit maximum. Our insurance staff will confirm your coverage and the benefits available to you. All insurance filing requirements will be handled by our office insuring timely and accurate reimbursements for payments made to our office. We request that you bring your insurance information and/or your dental insurance card to your initial evaluation appointment.