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About the Jasper Jumper

A Bite Fixer, known as the Jasper Jumper, is a functional orthopedic appliance, which postures the patient's lower jaw (mandible) in a forward direction. This appliance is used in growing patients to promote forward growth of the lower jaw.

This appliance has some important advantages over headgear, such as cosmetics, safety, and comfort.

Taking Care of Your Jasper Jumper

However, your Jumper must be treated properly. They are expensive and are not indestructible.

If treated properly, they should do a great job of improving the bite and will be in place for approximately six to twelve months.

Steps to properly care for your Jasper Jumper:

  • The appliance can break; therefore, you must not bite directly into anything hard such as suckers and ice or chew on hard objects against your Jumper.
  • The teeth may become sore when the Jasper Jumper is first placed. This soreness will be gone in a few days. The teeth may become loose. This is a normal reaction to the appliance.
  • If they are chewed on, they will break. Call the office immediately if you notice your appliance is loose or if you notice any movement of your teeth.
  • They may also be broken if they are bent or if they are stretched by opening the mouth extremely wide. Wide opening of the mouth can also cause the Jumpers to loosen or break other bands, brackets and/or wires.
  • When brushing, be extra careful to properly clean the appliance.

If you should have any questions about your Jasper Jumper, please do not hesitate to contact our office.